Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do in asheville?

  • Explore downtown and listen to buskers
  • Head to historic Hendersonville for the NC Apple Festival, running from Friday through Monday
  • Get a drink at the Grove Park Inn
  • Shop at Horse + Hero, Malaprop’s, and Moonshine Makers
  • Wander through the River Arts District with a cup of coffee
  • Eat at Biscuit Head, Laughing Seed Cafe, White Duck Taco Shop, Buxton Hall BBQ, and Wicked Weed Brewing
  • Go for a hike at Lookout Mountain or Pulliam Creek
  • Visit The Biltmore and Botanical Gardens

Is it going to be really hot?

Hopefully not. On September 4th in Hendersonville, the average low is 62 and the average high is 78.


What is a "shammett"?

That’s us! When we decided to get married, we thought about combining our last names — until we realized that the only viable option was “Shammett,” which sounds like a low-budget cleaning product. So, as a joke, we started referring to ourselves as “The Shammetts,” and I guess maybe it kind of stuck? Don’t worry though: We’re not actually changing our names.


When do we need to RSVP?

Before July 1, plz!


How do I get there?

The address of Camp Shammett is 300 Camp Ton A Wandah Road, Hendersonville, NC  28739. It’s 30 minutes from Asheville (AVL), an hour from Greenville (GSP), and a little over 1.5 hours from Charlotte (CLT). You’ll find more transportation info here. Parking is available at camp; sign up to carpool here!

What’s on the menu?

We’ve hired SMASH Events, based in Asheville, to cater this multi-day bonanza. They’re going to cook several of our favorite types of cuisine — all of it vegetarian and delicious! If you have dietary restrictions or are picky, you can let us know when you RSVP.


What about gifts?

Pardon the corny sentiment, but it’s true: Your presence is our present. Many of you are coming a long distance, and even if you’re not, we’ll just be grateful you’re there. We are seriously #blessed (and already have both a food processor AND a blender). So please, for real, no gifts!


How am I going to check the scores of the Michigan / USC games?

Verizon is the only reliable carrier at camp, and for emergencies, there’s a landline at the main office. While there’s wifi at the dining hall, we encourage you to give your phones a rest for the weekend.


I thought you weren’t getting married… something about the patriarchy?

Yes, but also: health insurance. And also also, weddings are the BEST. So we decided we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to force you to spend the entire weekend with us!


What is the carbon footprint of an event like this?

So glad you asked! It is large, very large. So we’ve budgeted for a $500 donation to Tradewater, which should theoretically offset the cost of your transportation. We’re also serving vegetarian food. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.


do ubers exist in this neck of the woods?

Supposedly, yes. But for those of you staying offsite, we’ll provide a complimentary taxi to safely shuttle you back to your hotel after the reception.

If you want a ride to the wedding, call Checker Cab at (828) 692-2424. Or, to book a ride ahead of time, text Craig at 828-280-9632.


What should I wear to the wedding?

Let’s say woodsy cocktail (in other words, whatever you’d like). Cowboy boots are always encouraged; heels are never advised. Don’t forget to check the packing list, too.

Where’s it all going down?

All of the weekend’s events will take place at Camp Shammett — real name: Camp Ton-A-Wandah — in western North Carolina. Once you arrive, you won’t have to go anywhere. But if you get stir crazy, there’s tons of hiking in the area, as well as the Carl Sandburg Home, Flat Rock Playhouse, and the historic village of Hendersonville. The funky city of Asheville, with its cute downtown and abundant breweries, is also a short drive away.


Why do we have to pay to stay at the cabins?

You’re right; it’s a little unusual. But the cabins are merely an alternative to a hotel. We’re hoping the price of $150/adult for three nights, including meals, will save you money. (And don’t forget kids are free.) There’s zero pressure to stay at the cabins if you’d rather secure your own lodging.


What will happen to my beloved bedding set?

If you’d like to keep your bedding set after camp ends, you’re more than welcome to. If you’d rather not pack sheets and towels in your suitcase, we will donate them to a local homeless shelter.


Who will I be bunking with?

If you’re coming with children, you will get your own cabin. Couples will probably get their own cabins, too. But if you’re coming solo, we’ll put you with some buddies. You’ll get your cabin assignments when you check in.


What’s the hashtag?

Actually, it’s #nope. We want this weekend to be special and intimate and private. So please refrain from sharing any wedding-related photos or updates on social media.


Can i bring my kids?

Of course! We will have our little monster in tow, and will connect guests with a local babysitting agency for the night of the wedding. 


what about my dog?

Much to our collective dismay, the camp does not allow pets. Even Mochi’s gonna stay with a sitter.


Why are there white chicks in headdresses on Camp Ton-A-Wandah’s website? Isn’t that cultural appropriation?

 Yes. And sorry. Just wait ’til you see the mural.